Why I'm blogging...

There's a quote that makes me stop and think every time I hear it...

"Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers."

- Harry S. Truman

Naturally, that makes me want to lead more. Or at least, lead better. I already read, so that means I need to apply what I read better

One way to help apply what you read in the real world is to write about it. Queue next quote...

"If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others:

read a lot, and write a lot."

- Stephan King

So, I already read (not a lot, but I should read a lot more), now it's time to write. A lot. 

One of the biggest reasons, if not THE biggest reason, I've started this blog is to become a better communicator.  Before the days of electronic mail and social media (and even type writers), people wrote amazingly long and precise handwritten letters, almost works of art, that would take days, weeks and often months before they reached the recipient. 

That's why each letter was so painstakingly concise - time. Life was too fragile and short to deliver half-baked, confused beliefs or opinions and miscommunicated observations. And life is still fragile and short. 

Every word - spoken or written - must count. It was true in the 1700's, and it's true now. Whatever the topic, my goal is to communicate well. 

As a mentor once told me, "If you can learn to communicate, you can learn or do anything."