Steve Jobs: My pre-viewing expectations

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Walter Isaacson's biography of Steve Jobs. I mean really enjoyed it. Mainly because it was replete with information about Apple that was brand new to me as an Apple enthusiast. I couldn't get enough. So much so, it was the fastest I've ever read a book! 

So when I heard that the new Steve Jobs film was 'based' (however loosely) on Isaacson's work, seeing the film was going to be a no brainer. And that's finally happening tonight.

Since first hearing about the film's release, I've been keeping an eye on the banter between film critics, Apple fanboys/gals and people directly involved in Job's life about the 'inaccuracies' and 'mischaracterization' of Jobs and his early years as a business man. 

I'm not going to regurgitate any more of the hoopla around this, only to say that it's affected my assumptions and expectations of the film, but not in a bad way.

So to be really simple, I'm just going to give a short and sweet outline of my expectations of Danny Boyle's Steve Jobs and compare them to my part-two post after I see the movie, 'Steve Jobs: My post-viewing thoughts.'  Here we go...

  • creative liberties will be taken in the story telling
  • this is NOT a documentary
  • the details will be the most interesting; not necessarily about the characters, but surroundings, props, dialogs, etc.
  • Isaacson's bio was not a blueprint for the film, but more of a reference book
  • this is about a pre-1997 Steve Jobs which most people don't know much about
  • post-1997 Jobs is what most people are familiar with, therefore, the phrase 'That's not the Steve Jobs I knew' is disingenuous at best

So there it is! I'm off to the theater...